Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pimped MkV GTI vs. R32

In response to Volkswagen's amusing "Pre-Pimped" GTI MkV ad-campaign, one of our bright interns pointed out that half the fun of owning a VW is modifying it. He would know - he had a Mk3 GTI that he lowered. And he knew he'd earn brownie points from me, because I've had two VWs with so many modifications that a simple list of the upgrades would crash this Web server.

It didn't take long for me to wonder: if our Four Seasons GTI is so quick, what would a chipped MkV be like?

As I pondered that question, Koni showed up at our editorial offices to tell us of a new kit that they developed with Eibach. The kit consists of Koni's acclaimed FSD shocks and a pair of Eibach Pro lowering springs.

I asked Koni for a kit, and headed straight for our favorite VW shop, Next Level Tuning, in Greensburg, PA. In just a few hours, they had installed the Koni/Eibach kit, re-flashed the ECU with custom APR programming, and installed a boost gauge.

I slowly drove out of the shop, and then laid 200 feet of tire up the hill.

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