Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buy & Sell used cars

It’s best to stature out precisely how much you can afford to squander. You know what you have to put down, you know what you can afford per month -- but how does that decipher to a sticker price, in particular taking into account taxes and finance charges? There are several car-payment calculators that will do the math for you (there are alot out there on internet). However, if you prefer to do the math manually, here's a relatively simple method.

What you can afford for a downhill payment. If you are trading in a car, visit a used car pricing site to calculate the car's approximate value (use the trade-in value, which is the lowest figure and represents what you can probably expect the dealership to offer) and add that to your subtotal. Valuing a second-hand car is both intention (year, make, and model) and prejudiced (appearance and condition). Normally, this would not be an issue if all cars were indistinguishable regrettably; second hand cars are all very distinctive.more...

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