Friday, August 12, 2011


Keith Dooley has served as the Encore athletic trainer at Elkmont High School for 2 years.  A valued member of football team, he is the "go to" guy whenever an injury occurs.  Taking the time to know the players has allowed him to be able to tell when an injury has occurred.  By observing how a player holds an arm slightly different, favoring a leg or just not playing like normal, Dooley often knows when an injury has occurred before anyone else knows.  The players trust him and Keith has become a respected friend of many.

He will be leaving the Elkmont High School community next week and Monday will be his last day with the team.  He will join the Faith Academy,  Mobile Alabama, athletic program as their Encore trainer.  Leaving Elkmont was not something Dooley had planned but this transfer was the best choice for him and his new bride, Jackie Swan.  Job opportunities for Jackie in the tri-county area were slim while she has a job in the Mobile area.  It was easier for Keith to transfer to an Encore school located close to Mobile rather than Jackie to move to an uncertain job market.  An added perk is that he is much closer to sand and surf.

Dooley had this to say about his experiences at Elkmont High School.

"I want to express my thanks to Elkmont High School, the football staff and especially the players for making me feel part of the team, not just a trainer sent by Encore.  I am close to the seniors.  I have worked with them a number of years and have come to call them friends.  I was apprehensive when I first came to Elkmont.  I had always worked at the college level and didn't know how I would be able to relate to a high school team.  My first day, Cole Glass walked up to me and talked to me like he had known me for years.  I felt right at ease with my new team and these seniors hold a special place in my heart.  They have always welcomed me and made me part of their lives.  I want them to know that once you are a Dooley kid, always a Dooley kid.  I will always do anything I can to help them as they go through life.  I leave knowing that I have friends here and I will continue to follow the team.  The Elkmont football blog will allow me to watch their games and know how their season is going.  I wish them the best of luck this season and in their future endeavors."


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